Monday, December 22, 2008

Announcing SMS Popup for Android

SMS Popup ScreenshotI just uploaded my 2nd Android app to the Market - it's called SMS Popup - a very simple app that just displays an incoming SMS message in a popup dialog (activity). I grew used to this feature on my iPhone and while I like Android's notification system, I still find it useful to be able to quickly look down at my phone and see the incoming text.

Here are the release notes for the first version (0.9 because I'm sure there will be bugs!).

Countdown Alarm++ Icon
SMS Popup v0.9.0

  • Show a popup dialog when a you receive an SMS
  • The screen will wake up for a user defined time
  • The secure keyguard will be disabled (only for the initial popup, after that you will need to unlock as normal)
  • Close or Reply to the message
  • If more than 1 message is pending an Inbox button is shown
  • The Reply button calls the proper system intent, if there are any other applications available that can provide this functionality a dialog should show offering a choice of which application to use to reply. To use Chomp SMS make sure you have the latest version of Chomp (1.6) - previous versions did not use the standard intent filters.
Once again, credit for the app icon goes to Min Tran ( - thanks for the great free icon sets!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Countdown Alarm v1.0.3

I just uploaded a new version to the market. Here are the main changes:

Countdown Alarm++ Icon
Countdown Alarm++ v1.0.3

  • Use the keyboard (when its open) or the touchscreen (when its closed)
  • Pause/resume the countdown
  • Optionally blink the LED when the countdown completes (choose from 5 colors!)
  • Optionally have a persistent icon in the status bar while the timer is running or paused
  • A few bug fixes
Feel free to send me feature requests or bugs. Next up I will probably add a repeat feature and a snooze feature.

Countdown Alarm Download Stats

Countdown Alarm++ Market Stats
A quick update - over 5,500 users have downloaded Countdown Alarm++ since I posted it around a week ago. It's really cool to see the reach the Android Market already has in it's short life (only 2-3 weeks since it went live and the T-Mobile G1 was launched).

I can only imagine how it will be years from now when there are a ton of apps and several millions of Android handsets being used!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My first Android app: Countdown Alarm

Countdown Alarm++ ScreenshotI released my first Android app a few days ago! It's called Countdown Alarm++ and it does exactly what you would expect - counts down from a user-defined time and rings an alarm when the timer reaches zero. Nothing too fancy but useful nonetheless (and missing from the base Android system).

After releasing the first version (v1.0.0) I was notified of a few bugs/quirks which have now been fixed. The current version on the market is v1.0.2 - here are the current (simple) features:

Countdown Alarm++ Icon
Countdown Alarm++ v1.0.2

  • Use the touchscreen to select hours, minutes, seconds from drop-down boxes/spinners (keyboard not required)
  • Select a custom ringtone to play when the timer reaches zero
  • Optionally choose to trigger the phone vibration when the timer reaches zero
  • Wakes the phone from sleep when the alarm plays
  • Runs correctly in background -> do other things while the timer runs and be notified via the status bar when the timer is done
  • Layout adjusts nicely for both portrait and landscape views
Credit for the app icon goes to Min Tran ( - thanks for the great free icon sets!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Ok so as you can probably tell, this site is a far cry from "everything" Android :) I registered the domain a while back and had no real use for it. I thought I might as well use it to talk about my progress learning and using the Android SDK to build some small'ish but (hopefully) useful apps.