Thursday, November 6, 2008

Countdown Alarm v1.0.3

I just uploaded a new version to the market. Here are the main changes:

Countdown Alarm++ Icon
Countdown Alarm++ v1.0.3

  • Use the keyboard (when its open) or the touchscreen (when its closed)
  • Pause/resume the countdown
  • Optionally blink the LED when the countdown completes (choose from 5 colors!)
  • Optionally have a persistent icon in the status bar while the timer is running or paused
  • A few bug fixes
Feel free to send me feature requests or bugs. Next up I will probably add a repeat feature and a snooze feature.

Countdown Alarm Download Stats

Countdown Alarm++ Market Stats
A quick update - over 5,500 users have downloaded Countdown Alarm++ since I posted it around a week ago. It's really cool to see the reach the Android Market already has in it's short life (only 2-3 weeks since it went live and the T-Mobile G1 was launched).

I can only imagine how it will be years from now when there are a ton of apps and several millions of Android handsets being used!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My first Android app: Countdown Alarm

Countdown Alarm++ ScreenshotI released my first Android app a few days ago! It's called Countdown Alarm++ and it does exactly what you would expect - counts down from a user-defined time and rings an alarm when the timer reaches zero. Nothing too fancy but useful nonetheless (and missing from the base Android system).

After releasing the first version (v1.0.0) I was notified of a few bugs/quirks which have now been fixed. The current version on the market is v1.0.2 - here are the current (simple) features:

Countdown Alarm++ Icon
Countdown Alarm++ v1.0.2

  • Use the touchscreen to select hours, minutes, seconds from drop-down boxes/spinners (keyboard not required)
  • Select a custom ringtone to play when the timer reaches zero
  • Optionally choose to trigger the phone vibration when the timer reaches zero
  • Wakes the phone from sleep when the alarm plays
  • Runs correctly in background -> do other things while the timer runs and be notified via the status bar when the timer is done
  • Layout adjusts nicely for both portrait and landscape views
Credit for the app icon goes to Min Tran ( - thanks for the great free icon sets!