Thursday, November 6, 2008

Countdown Alarm v1.0.3

I just uploaded a new version to the market. Here are the main changes:

Countdown Alarm++ Icon
Countdown Alarm++ v1.0.3

  • Use the keyboard (when its open) or the touchscreen (when its closed)
  • Pause/resume the countdown
  • Optionally blink the LED when the countdown completes (choose from 5 colors!)
  • Optionally have a persistent icon in the status bar while the timer is running or paused
  • A few bug fixes
Feel free to send me feature requests or bugs. Next up I will probably add a repeat feature and a snooze feature.


  1. Maybe a date...month...year..instead of minutes....?? or maybe both..just a suggestion...otherwise good app

  2. Hey just wanted to thanks for a great useful app.
    Use for laundry, baking and for when my gf nags me to do something in x number of mins.

  3. How about pause music like a sleep timer?

  4. Is there anything I can do to get the alarm to sound when it is in sleep moad?

  5. hey adam! great application with a well designed gui. a small feature request: could there be some option to have the timer only emit vibrator and no sound while the phone is in silent mode? would be cool when you're sitting in a library or such. anyways, great app/thomas

  6. @Tom: make sure you have the latest version in the market, hopefully that should help ensure the the phone wakes up.

    @arno: hi yes, this shouldn't be difficult to put in. basically the timer uses the "alarm" sound stream at the moment which doesn't honor the silent mode of the phone. if i switch it to "notification" it will. i will try and add this in the next release (if you don't see it in a while drop me an email to remind me).

  7. Having trouble controlling the volume. Feel like I'm just missing something obvious, but I don't see it in the settings. Alarm is much louder than I want it to be. Using 1.0.8

  8. @Megan: The app uses the system volume for notifications - while it's ringing you can adjust it by using the volume rocker on the side of the phone. Otherwise I think it can be set in the system options somewhere.

  9. hey...great app..but..does not wake Droid when time is done and the ring on Droid is a 3 second sound

  10. You can change the ringtone in the settings ... and it should wake the Droid, at least other ppl have told me it works fine. If you can reliably reproduce the problem then file an issue here:

    And be sure to include as much information as possible.

  11. Hi,
    can you add a 'continuous' timer function to it. eg the timer rings/vibrates every 10 minutes and restarts by itself. That would be awesome.
    Thanks, christian