Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Quick Look at the Next Version of SMS Popup

SMS Popup ScreenshotThe first version of SMS Popup went over quite well in the Android Market - within the first week of launch I had received over 300 (!) emails with comments, bugs and feature requests. Since then I have been on working on adding the most requested features, the next version is almost complete and I should have it out on the market in the next week or so.

Countdown Alarm++ Icon
SMS Popup v0.9.2

  • Bug fixes - as always (although I'm quite sure there will be a ton of new bugs so please report them to me so I can fix)
  • "Mark Read": the single most requested feature, you can now choose to have the conversation thread marked as read when you click the "Close" button
  • "Restrict Popup": this will restrict the popup window into only showing when the screen is off and keyguard is on (a lot of people asked if I could suppress the popup when they are in the SMS app writing a message - unfortunately this is not possible with the current SDK so this option is the next best thing)
  • Built in Notifications: the app now has its own notification system - if you use this, you should disable your system message notifications (and any 3rd party notifications) or you may see conflicts (and multiple notifications). I tried to make the notifications as customizable as possible - you can choose a sound, vibrate, LED blinking (with a choice of color).
  • Notification Reminders: if you use the app notifications you can also choose to be reminded - the number of reminders and interval between reminders is configurable
Look for the new version in the Market soon. I will also be posting future beta versions of the app up on this blog in advance if people want to try out the new features.


  1. doesnt work well with chomp sms i have had some problems not being able to send messages now so i uninstalled until fixed

  2. Hey adam! SMS Works almost perfect . Accept when you get two messages. The notification will go away when you read one. is it possible for the notification to stay even if you close the pop up but still have it in the top corner until you have read all the unread messages. Like on the regular notification for text if you get more then one message it will stay up there until you've read both. Like how the stock SMS is . when you have more then one message it will say new message in the notification and count if there is more. and will only go away if u read. The Mark Read is bugged also when i have it set to Message will not be marked as read when clicking close. when i press close. the notification is GONE. understand what i mean? lol

  3. Adam, great app!

    Similar to Bruce, would it be possible to have the notification remain in the notifications when you click close?

    Sometimes I am too busy to read a message and need to make a call, so I click close. The blinking light keeps blinking but the notification goes :(

    Mark as read is not checked either.

  4. dun really know how the led works tried a couple of times no flash just mesage pop up

  5. @jon, it should work with Chomp when you click "reply", I cannot detect the "inbox" for Chomp as they have not exposed this in their app.

    @Bruce/Woody, I agree it should work as you describe (a few other people told me about this as well) - I will fix it for the next version :)

    @luis, the LED alerts work for me, if you get another alert (like email alert) while its blinking it may override the one from sms popup :|

  6. Adam K !

    Great man and thanks for replying to the e-mail i sent you as well! Jon.. it DOES work with CHOMP SMS i tried it out. and the LEDS work. When will the new version be released?

  7. @Bruce, yes it should work with Chomp SMS, the only thing is that for the "Inbox" type links (when you have multiple messages waiting) it will not go to Chomp - this is more something that the Chomp folks need to enable unfortunately.

    I'm planning on releasing the next version of the app in the next week or so :)