Friday, January 23, 2009

SMS Popup v0.9.4 released!

Go check the Android Market now for the next version of SMS Popup - it includes a bunch of bug fixes and a few new (very requested) features!

As a side note, if anyone would like to help me translate the app for the following countries, please send me an email (adam at everythingandroid dot net):
Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Poland
(of course if you would like to translate for other languages let me know as well).

SMS Popup icon
SMS Popup v0.9.4

  • Tons of bug fixes, mostly to do with the WakeLock code which was causing the app to "force close" intermittently. Hopefully this fixes the majority of major bugs but time will tell.
  • Basic MMS support - this was more difficult to implement than I thought. The app should now detect MMS's and trigger a regular (non-popup) notification (it should be almost identical to the system one). It will not turn on the screen or show a nice popup yet - I will try and add this in the next version.
  • Configurable vibrate patterns - choose from a list of pre-set vibrate patterns or create your own :)
  • Fixed the landscape layout so it fits correctly when the contact has a photo


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  2. Nice update! 1 little bug no biggie with the SMS notification it doesn't go away after you have read the message, u have 2 pull the thing down and click it

  3. Fantastic work Adam. This is the best and most used app i have. Well that and Chomp. The vibration control is what i have been waiting for since day one. Great Work!

  4. @Bruce, are you still seeing this? It should clear it as long as you're using the sms popup notification.

    @i3onk, thanks! :)

  5. Adam

    It doesn't clear after you click READ idk why..

  6. dear adam,

    im a new g1 user had it about a week and a half... downloaded the first sms popup.. and it was awesome woke up today with an update available and updated... and none of my vibration alerts work. for sms popup it is set to vibrate but it doesn't. and went to messages menu settings and made sure vibrate was on and it still doesn't work...

    please help.. you can email me at

  7. I love the custom vibrate but the phone still vibrates as normal when receiving a txt after my custom vibrate even though I turned the system notifications this an issue for anyone else?

  8. @Joel: I don't think I've seen this before. Most likely there is another app vibrating as well which is causing this. SMS Popup itself will only vibrate once per message received using the settings you define.