Sunday, February 8, 2009

SMS Popup reviews, localization/i18n and another new release (v0.9.6)!

First I wanted to give a shoutout to Scott over at AndroidGuys - he published a positive review of SMS Popup last week :) aside from some good press, it also helped me find some people to translate the app into other languages (more on that in a tic).

Another website called AppVee AndroidApps also did a review (including a YouTube video) of SMS Popup:

I'm also pleased to announce that SMS Popup has now been translated into German and Dutch! A very big thanks to Feyyaz (blog) and Melle for helping with this. Hopefully there will be more languages coming soon enough :)

Last but not least, I also posted v0.9.6 of the app out to the Market, no interesting new functionality quite yet unfortunately. I spent a bit of time cleaning up the code so that it will make life easier to add and extend to the app in the future.

Countdown Alarm++ Icon
SMS Popup v0.9.6

  • More bug fixes (preventing more force close messages)
  • Better MMS support: an MMS is now treated like a SMS, there is a popup and reminders - at the moment the subject is just displayed with a "View MMS" button (not sure if it will be possible to show the MMS images inside the popup)
  • German and Dutch localizations for those folks in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands - I'm not actually sure I published the app correctly to the Market so I would love to hear from anyone in these countries who successfully got the app and are using the newly localized strings


  1. Great Adam! Nice update. Nice App Review as Well!

    When are you going to get that correct notification displayer up?

  2. Yet another nice update. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hello,
    I can help you to translate sms popup in french.

  4. @Bruce, it's still coming, no promises but hopefully next release (had to restructure a whole bunch of stuff first to make this possible - so things are ready to go, I just haven't had the time to implement).

    @Jean-Laurent, French would be great, please email me at adam at - thanks!