Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SMS Popup Source Code Released

So I had planned to clean up the source code for SMS Popup before releasing the source code - however, it seems the cats out of the bag as people are stumbling upon the code already over at

You should be able to download and build the app yourself without much issue. The code is still quite messy and if anyone spots bugs or issues feel free to file them on the code page (or ideally help me fix them hehe).

Hopefully this will help beginner Android developers wrap their head around working with SMS and MMS messages.

Update: I just noticed Mike DG, creator of the dgAlert app in the Market has just switched his app over to the SMS Popup code base.


  1. Thanks Adam! I love SMS Popup & much respect to you for 'open sourcing' the code.

    I've been trying to make sense of Android's API on PowerManager & KeyguardManager to force an activity to get past the keyguard.

    I've been pulling my hair out so appreciate you sharing the expertise!
    Regars, Steve

  2. P.S. If Olivia M is your girl... kudos on that too! hehe ;-D

  3. Unfortunately no, Olivia is not my girl haha :)

    Glad you will make use of the source code - once I get some more time I will start posting a few basic tutorials on my experiences with things like the system services (KeyguardManager, PowerManager, NotificationManager, etc.)

  4. Adam, gets better and better. Noticed one glitch in last update though. When deleting an incoming text, it shows the thread as new still. The message itself is gone, but the thread is marked new, and the new status, can only be removed by deleting the thread.

    Glad to see Google got on your bandwagon, very well deserved.

  5. Also, is there a way to clear the notification and still leave the thread marked as new? This would be good when hitting the inbox button. Can still see new threads but not the notification.

  6. i3onk, I noticed the bug you mentioned above myself as well. will fix that up shortly.

    I agree with you on the "inbox" button - it should really just always clear the notification - will change that in the next release as well :)

  7. Adam, question on the app; I receive text messages from work to let me know about problems. Right now I'm stuck with a nasty windows phone because there's an app available for it that will repeat my incoming text message alert until I acknowledge it. It sounds like that the option in your app to repeat notification reminders may be just what I need; is it possible to set it to repeat an audible or vibrate reminder (depending on what it's on at the time) indefinitely until acknowledged? Need it to wake me up at night if a server is down lol.

  8. @The, while the app wasn't really designed for this purpose it does have a "reminder" feature where you can set an interval and number of times to keep alerting of a missed SMS - so it should work fine. I used to work in a similar role so I know the pain of waking up at random times through the night quite well :)

  9. I bought a G1 last week in hopes it would do this, and it does. :) Set up PayPal and I'll donate some money to the cause. Only thing I'd like is for it to switch to vibrate automatically when the phone goes into vibrate mode; right now when that happens I have to go in and turn vibrate on or there will be no alert.

  10. @ispcolohost: Thanks for the donation offer :) I may eventually release a paid market version of the app that will get new features first - if I do then you can show your support by purchasing that. I hadn't thought of the vibrate mode issue as I like vibration on regardless. Will see if I can switch it to use the system prefs.

  11. When my G1 is on the charger, the LED is taken over by the charging
    process and can no longer be depended on for sms notification. I
    propose that there be an extra option in screen timeout that says
    screen never time out as long as the G1 is being charged. That
    way when I walk past my G1, I can readily tell if a new sms has
    been received or not.

  12. Wen-King, yes unfortunately there is no way to override the charging LED. You should be able to configure your phone to leave the screen on if it's plugged in. Or does the sleep function of SMS Popup still turn off the screen even with this on?

  13. Hi Adam, your apps is really amazing. Btw, I have a school project, making a simple SMS application on Android devices. Can I use your code as a basis for my apps ?

    Don't worry, I'm not planning to release my apps on Android Market or Google Play, it's purely for academic purpose..

  14. @fajar - yes you can, its licensed under Apache2 which means you can use it for whatever you want as long as you credit back the source.