Saturday, February 14, 2009

SMS Popup v0.9.7 and v0.9.8 released

Another update of SMS Popup is now in the Market. Thanks goes out to Diego Fernández for translating the app into Spanish - I'm not actually sure it's possible to switch any Android devices into Spanish locale yet (except the emulator), but once it is possible the translation is already included in the app :)

SMS Popup icon
SMS Popup v0.9.7 & v0.9.8

  • Fixed crash (force close) when receiving MMS messages without a subject (hopefully)
  • Added an option to show a Delete button on the popup (by popular demand)
  • Spanish localization
Update: v0.9.7 had a minor bug that prevented messages being deleted when using the new delete button - v0.9.8 fixes this (although I suspect it is still broken for deleting MMS messages).


  1. Hello. Can I help you to localize your app to Russian? Mail me if you are interesting in it. =)

  2. Hiya Adam,

    My delete button isn't deleting anything. I get the confirmation dialog, but delete doesn't happen.

    So you aren't doing any more Android apps? Or SmsPopup is just getting to big to handle alone and you are looking for a new project? I had an Idea for an App, that would be great as a stand alone, but would blend perfectly with SmsPopup to extend it's functionality.

  3. How about a new priacy option, do not show senders name?

  4. If it doesn't show the senders name or the message then what is there to show? :)

  5. It shows a short popup where I can push close view or reply, without anyone can see the sender nor the message txt. sometimes very usefull ;-)
    sorry for my bad english