Saturday, May 9, 2009

SMS Popup v0.9.94 & v0.9.95 & v0.9.96 (d'oh) - say hello to cupcake

Your Android device should be notifying you of a new version of SMS Popup shortly - v0.9.94 is now out. This release fixes a few minor cupcake problems and adds a couple of new features - nothing big though. I'm aiming for some new features soon though so stay tuned.

If you notice any issues with this version, please post over in the discussion group.

SMS Popup icon
SMS Popup v0.9.94 & v0.9.95 & v0.9.96

  • Minor Cupcake fixes: privacy mode works correctly, soft keyboard shows for custom vibrate
  • Popup no longer shows when in system messaging app
  • New option to hide all buttons in the long-press (context) menu
  • Update: there was a minor bug in 0.9.94 where the view button was showing when it wasn't supposed to be - this is fixed now in 0.9.95
  • Another Update: there was another minor bug related to privacy mode (view button would not work if secure pattern was off) - this is fixed now in 0.9.96 - sorry for all the updates!