Saturday, May 9, 2009

SMS Popup v0.9.94 & v0.9.95 & v0.9.96 (d'oh) - say hello to cupcake

Your Android device should be notifying you of a new version of SMS Popup shortly - v0.9.94 is now out. This release fixes a few minor cupcake problems and adds a couple of new features - nothing big though. I'm aiming for some new features soon though so stay tuned.

If you notice any issues with this version, please post over in the discussion group.

SMS Popup icon
SMS Popup v0.9.94 & v0.9.95 & v0.9.96

  • Minor Cupcake fixes: privacy mode works correctly, soft keyboard shows for custom vibrate
  • Popup no longer shows when in system messaging app
  • New option to hide all buttons in the long-press (context) menu
  • Update: there was a minor bug in 0.9.94 where the view button was showing when it wasn't supposed to be - this is fixed now in 0.9.95
  • Another Update: there was another minor bug related to privacy mode (view button would not work if secure pattern was off) - this is fixed now in 0.9.96 - sorry for all the updates!


  1. i cant find this app on the market anymore...i accidently deleted it

  2. I can't find the app for sms popup anymore in the market .my boyfriend deleted it from my phone but I need it back. Where is it? And when is it going to come back in the market I need it back please adam k. Thanks

  3. @vince and @nikki, the app is still listed on the Market for all countries so I'm not sure why you can't find it. I have heard that if you have a build that is prior to OS 1.1 the Market might hide apps now but I'm not sure. Let me know which build you have if you get a chance.

    Otherwise all versions of the app can also be found here:
    (however, if you use these you will miss notifications for future app updates).

  4. i found the app on the market but now it wont let me download it. it says that download was unsuccussful. althought i have RC29 because i had to factory reset my phone. is that the problem?

  5. @vince, I think that's a bug with Market or the version of Android OS. I have heard that firing up the Google Talk/IM app can sometimes jump start hung Market downloads (weird I know). Otherwise I would hunt around in the Market support forums or Google Groups.

  6. Adam,

    Long time no talk. I am having an issue with the new version after getting Cupcake. Sometime, most of the time actually, I have to hit view twice. I hear the click, and the screen shifts, but the message is still hidden until I hit view again. Other than that, it is top notch as usual.

  7. @i3onk, are you using v0.9.96? this was a bug in an earlier version but should be fixed in the latest.


  8. Hi, I'm Giuseppe from Italy.
    I use SMS POP-UP on my Htc Magic ( G2 )...with cupcake and works very well!!!

    This is a very useful application!!!
    Thank you!

    I want to translate it in italian, the "SETTING SECTION" and other english words that appar when a message is received. Can you send me the XML ? I translate it and I send you the italian file language.

    What do you think about?

    Ah...I noticed a minor bug.
    When I received an sms and I delete it from the POP-UP with the delete button, the NOTIFIC rest in the top bar. But if I click the button CLOSE, the notific go out.

  9. hi,im new customer to tmobile and i just got my g1 please some help i so want a txt msg get read to me and also when a contact call me i want my phone speak it for me .where do i go how i get it.i was taken to this page but dont see download no where im so new on this please help hehehe

  10. It says I am using 0.9.96. and Still have the issue. Maybe I'll uninstall and reinstall.

    I am also having an issue with not getting notifications if there is more than one new message and the phone is in sleep. As soon as I turn the screen back on, I get all of the notifications all at once.

  11. Issues still remain after a fresh install.

  12. I had my G1 stolen or lost, and I used to have the SMS Popup on my old phone. Now for my new phone I cannot find it to download. What's the deal?

  13. @Giuseppe, if you would like to translate the app please see here for the XML:

    Then email it to me: :)

    @Antonio, just long-press on the popup to use the TTS library :)

    @i3onk, I've been really busy and haven't had a lot of time to look into a bunch of issues. I will hopefully have some time now to look into the problems people have been having recently. Stay tuned.

    @Annie, You will need to have Android 1.1 or greater (in the US this is RC33 or greater) - so just wait for your carrier to update your phone and then you will see it in the Market.

  14. SMS Popup is a good App, unfortunately I couldn't retrieve it from the Market Place because my provider in Australia STILL hasn't made the Cupcake update available.

    I was able to download and install the old non-cupcake version manually thanks to the link you posted above, but just letting you know in future it might be best if you left the older version in the market place (perhaps with a new name?) its really stupid that if you update your app anyone on the old version of the OS just loses it from the market place - it should show the last supported version!

    In a global market you can't expect everyone in the world to be able to upgrade immediately (I can't even update manually since its signed by our local provider)...

  15. @n: the reason the app is hidden from pre-cupcake devices is because it uses some new functions/features from the Android SDK - you will likely get errors running the latest version of SMS Popup on your pre-cupcake phone. we were actually notified by the Android Market folks that *most* phones had Android 1.5 now (cupcake) so it's a shame your carrier is taking so long to upgrade you.