Monday, June 22, 2009

SMS Popup v0.9.97 out now - minor changes

Head on over to Android Market and pick yourself up v0.9.97 of SMS Popup - no major changes in this release, but I did add more translations to the core package. Plus I moved over to the Cupcake (Android 1.5) SDK, which means if you aren't on Cupcake or above you will no longer be able to run SMS Popup (or even see it in Market) - you can still grab v0.9.96 (or any earlier version) from the Google Code site though but hopefully the bulk of people are on Cupcake (or Donut?) now.

Sorry there haven't been any new features or refinements for the app in a while - I haven't had a lot of spare time recently. However, I do have a few cool features planned for a release soon - so stay tuned!

Thanks goes to Norman Obry for the French translation and Kevin ( for the Chinese translations!

SMS Popup icon
SMS Popup v0.9.97
  • Bugfix for Donut (Android 1.6) OS (config activity was crashing)
  • Switched to Android 1.5 (Cupcake) SDK, SMS Popup v0.9.97 will not run on previous Android versions (<=1.1)
  • New French and Chinese (simplified and traditional) translations
  • Added Russian and Spanish translations to the core package


  1. Hi Adam,

    Love this application. For the notifications, would it be possible for you to create a function that would enable the user to select the Download folder, and choose any sound files e.g. MP3, WAV etc.

    All the best,


  2. @Mukhtar: try installing the Market app "Rings Extended" - this should allow any app that sets a sound to select a file from your SD card including SMS Popup.

  3. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for this... that application is also great! You gonna be entering the Google competition for Android Apps?

    Hope you win!

  4. @Brandon: no worries, glad people like the app and are using it. And no, unfortunately I won't be entering in the competition as its for new apps and this is a hobby of mine so I don't really have enough time write another app.

  5. @Ab: Thanks for the positive feedback. I actually did put in a kind of hack that prevents the popup while in the messaging app - I have heard reports of it not working all the time but it does seem to work for me. Send me your phone specs and OS version when you get a chance so I can see what might be causing this. Unfortunately there isn't a proper way to do this using the SDK so it may never be that reliable - your other option is to turn on the "restrict popup" option which only shows the popup when the screen is off/locked (a regular notification will show otherwise).

  6. I'm having the same issues with the notifcation, please email me at, its getting annoying even though I love the app.

  7. Hey,

    Love the app, but i had a suggestion.
    I was wondering if u could add ' a siginture ' feat.
    That way we can have self sig.
    Like to express our moods and stuff.

    Hope u can look
    In to it

  8. @jes: sent you an email.

    @alisha: SMS Popup doesn't really compose the message, I leave that to the system app (or any other app you want to use like Chomp). When you click "reply" it just takes you to one of these apps (I think Chomp SMS might support a signature so you can try that)

  9. Great app, especially in combo with Chomp, It's much better then Handsent w/popups. What I would really like to see is an option for a larger font, like in Chomp. I guess my eyes are getting a little old...LOL
    Thx for the hard work..

  10. @frank: thanks for the feedback. i'm actually reworking the layouts in the next version to make it easier for different types of layouts in future versions. so look for more customizable layouts in a future release (probably not the next one though!)

  11. Is there possible to make the popup shows while display is blocked. It's rather annoying that we have to to click menu and click "reply".

  12. @Filip: I'm not sure what you mean? The popup should display while the screen is locked.

  13. I mean while I have black display. Is there any option that popup will show without unlocking the phone ?

  14. hey, i love your app!!! it simple and it's doing it's job.
    there's just one thing that annoys me - i don't know if it's a bug or what... i'm keep getting the last message from the conversation all over and over again, at least three times a day. and the message icon always displays one unread message. there is no way to stop this and to mark this message as read. could it be a bug caused by this application?

    also one wish: could you also make an app like this for email messages? or to combine both in one app - popup for sms' and emails...


  15. @Filip: the popup should most definitely show when the screen is locked. The next version will also allow you to reply directly from the popup.

    @359: a few other users have also reported a similar problem. i'm not sure what the cause is - but it seems a message has been stuck "unread" in your inbox. You can try finding it in the regular messaging app, and then removing it (or marking it as unread then read again if thats possible). If that doesn't work, I think I saw an app in Market that marks all messages in your system as read which would also probably help. I'll look into this more myself when I get a chance.

  16. I second 359's request for email/Gmail popups. This would make the app even more fantastic than it already is. (It would definitely be worth paying for!)

  17. When are you going to update this app? :)

  18. Hi Adam,

    Great app and work very good, most of the time :)
    I can't figure it out why my notification sms from my voicemail wont show up. At this point I don't get a popup at all times, when I recieve this message. Maybe you can figure this out....?

  19. @muffin: I might get to adding email support eventually, I've still got a bunch of stuff to finish up for just SMS first though

    @Alexander: very soon now, the next version has a ton more features :)

    @Patrick: I might know why, which country/carrier are you on? some carriers send special sms's for voicemail and other carrier services and it might be that my code isn't picking it up

  20. is there a way to have the sceen light up an stay on when you get a message with the nexus one when it is in the dock and on silent

  21. @rick: v1.0.7 does this (v1.0.8 prevents this from happening):

    in a future version I will try and make this configurable as some people prefer the screen not to come on (when using it as a nightstand) and some people prefer it to come on (when using it by a desk or workspace).

  22. Merci pour ton application je vais faire le don pour ton travail.
    Thank you for your application I'll donate for your work.

  23. Dear adam, im an android dev. And i wantedto know how your app doesn't use a foreground service yet its always on and waiting for sms even when device reboot.... Can you tell me how is that possible? Thank you

  24. Hi Ahmed - well first of all, the app is open source so you can just browse the source yourself:

    But it avoids a service by using a BroadcastReceiver which only causes the app to be awoken when the system sends a SMS received broadcast.