Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SMS Popup v1.0.0 just around the corner

Just a quick note to say that the next version of SMS Popup is just about ready for release. There are a ton of new features in this version, for example: quick replies from the popup, preset messages, voice transcription for replies and per contact notification customization. I'll get into more details shortly but for now if you want to try it out I put a release candidate version on the SMS Popup code site:
(Update: forgot to mention that RC1 will only work on Android OS Donut or above, I will be releasing another version for Cupcake phones)

Update2: Apparently quite a few people are still using Android 1.5 (Cupcake) so I created RC2 that's compatible with Cupcake as well.

No doubt there will be some bugs considering all the new code so please send me an email if you spot any (it's only me coding this app so I have limited resources to do thorough testing).

I'm planning on publishing this to Market in the next week or so.


  1. tried installing on my Hero and it says that it can not be installed on this device...

  2. forgot to mention, im talking about your rc1

  3. @Robert: What version of Android is your Hero on, I forgot to mention that RC1 will only work on Donut or above (1.6+).

  4. unfortunately im still a cupcake... when will they update our !"#¤%&/ Hero's???

    seems a bit odd that we have new phones and hve to stick with old OS...

  5. I actually hadn't realized there were a lot of users still on Cupcake ... I might just try and make a single version that works on Cupcake and Donut (having to issues will be a major pain). I'll post an updated version in the next few days if I manage to work it out.

  6. Installed on my Sprint Hero and seems to be working pretty nicely for the primary reason I installed (custom ringtone / repeat notification for a specific contact).

    Thanks for a great app!

  7. @Brent: glad it's working well for you on the Hero. Unfortunately I only have a G1 right now so it's hard for me to know if it works correctly or not on other devices.