Monday, November 2, 2009

Quick Reply or No Quick Reply

Since launching v1.0.0 and v1.0.1 of SMS Popup I've been receiving a lot of feedback around the new "quick reply" feature - some people love it, some hate it.  Luckily you can easily turn this feature on and off via the configuration options - although it's not so obvious how to do this (I'm planning on making the option easier to find in a future release):

Load up SMS Popup settings -> Additional Settings -> Button Configuration -> Button 3 (or whichever button you have reply set to) -> Choose regular Reply or Quick Reply

Update: As of SMS Popup v1.0.2 there is now a quick toggle feature for Quick Reply

You can even choose both if you like to have them both accessible easily from the popup - and as an additional tip, if you long-press on the popup you can always access all options (both reply types, delete, view contact, text-to-speech etc.).

Remember to always check the SMS Popup FAQ for tips and tricks like this if you run into problems.

Quick Reply in action:


  1. The quick reply is great, but, it has been crashing a lot. Also there is a weird bug with the auto-complete bar. Basically, as you type more lines in the quick reply the auto-complete bar comes lower and lower until it covers the top row of the keyboard. So, between the crashing and the auto-complete bar bug this feature becomes a little difficult to use

  2. Abhiroop: when exactly does it crash? and what phone and Android OS are you on? if you can send over some more info then I can try and fix the problems. I'm guessing you are on a HTC Hero or Magic in Asia? Some other people have reported the soft keyboard covering up the popup on those phones (seems to be something to do with the HTC english/chinese keyboard).

  3. I have an annoying bug. I use HTC Hero and have a shortcut of the default message application on my home screen.

    I installed sms popup... when I receive an sms I get a popup and when I click close... the msg is marked as read in the message app but the unread count is still shown as one (in a green circle) on the default message app shortcut on my home screen and I have to delete the message in the app to make the unread count go away.

  4. It's a really great application.
    But I find it annoying that the envelope Icon in the messages bar on top of my android is not disappearing when you choose "close" , "delete" or "quick reply". you have to manually popup the notifcations bar and press "delete notifications".

    Is there any way to fix that ?

  5. Ryan: Unfortunately this is probably something that needs to be updated by the HTC software (for it to pick up changes to the messaging db by 3rd party software). But I will investigate to see if I can find a way to refresh the icon.

    Peter: Are you sure you have system notifications off? See her:'t_seem_to_go_away_when_I_use_Qu

    There's also an outstanding bug for phones with HTC's Sense UI where the notification may not clear (this will be fixed in the next release).

  6. i'm loving quick reply. makes it a lot easier when just having to send a short okay, or something along those lines

    I've been having a bug on hero though. It keeps telling me i have 1 more unread message in the inbox, then i go there and the only unread message is the one that i just got.

  7. Neo-K: This is a known issue with the HTC Hero - HTC implemented their own "unread" badges for home screen icons and unfortunately at this time there doesn't seem to be a way for 3rd party apps to refresh the badge :( I'm on the lookout for a fix but at this point it doesn't look like there will be a solution.