Sunday, November 1, 2009

SMS Popup v1.0.1 bug fix release

I received a ton of feedback after v1.0.0 came out a few days ago, mostly positive but some negative (mostly because some people don't like using quick reply - of course you can turn it off but it's not an easy option to find). Quite a few users reported various bugs or UI quirks as well - I rushed a bit to get some of the more annoying ones fixed in SMS Popup v1.0.1 which I just posted to the Android Market. Go grab it and keep the feedback coming!

SMS Popup icon
SMS Popup v1.0.1

  • Bug fix: Contact photos should now be showing again for HTC Hero users
  • Bug and UI fix: Quick reply is now a little easier to use, the send button has been moved where you can access it when the soft keyboard is in use and it also works in landscape when the soft keyboard is full screen.
  • Bug fix: Notifications were sounding while users were on the phone, this feature was requested by quite a few users, how ever it seems a lot more dislike it. Therefore I have removed this for now, but will add it back in as an option in a future version.
  • Bug fix: Updated the regular Reply intent so that it works with Google Voice again
  • App now defaults to regular Reply (instead of Quick Reply)


  1. Hi,

    It's a great App!
    Could you make it so that I can mark a message as read?
    Caus now you read the message using SMS Popup but then it still says I have new messages in the top of the phone (the info bar). Annoying.

  2. The app is great but i was one of the few ppl who actually appreciated the notification sound while on a call. PLEASE bring that back! Maybe u can make it so that its an enable/disable option. Thanks!

  3. Mark: please see the FAQ ( for info on this. You will basically need to disable system notifications and enable SMS Popup's OR use regular Reply again to get around this.

    Corlissak: yes I know some people liked this, it will be back as an option shortly.

  4. Hi Adam,

    I think the inclusion of reply by voice is excellent, as the voice transcription software is surprisingly accurate. However, I'd like the option to be able to send messages via voice proactively, instead of waiting until I get a text and having to use your app to reply.

    Is there any way you could integrate the ability to create new messages as part of your app, that still provide the current features? Maybe in a similar way ChompSMS does by requiring you hold the search button?

  5. Hey there!
    First off. Great app! And thanks for all the hard work you put in on it and keeping it free. I read the comment about notifications, I also find it very annoying. But if I disable system notifications then I won't get other important updates. But I love the quick reply. Can you possibly mark the message as read after you quick reply? It would really be a great help, because I need my system notifications.

  6. I have downloaded the SMS Popup 1.0.1 to my Samsung Moment, and I can't seem to get the custom notifications to work. It seems every time the sms comes in, it takes the default notification. HELP! Otherwise, I think you are really on to something here, and I hope you keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Adam,
    I did some more testing. If the sms is coming from a phone number the correct custom notification is used. If the sms is coming from an email address (as are work pages through our email system), then it uses the default notification settings. Does this have anything to do with criteria being matched for the custom notification and what the message comes in as? Or, are you looking for a phone number match first vs a contact name or email address upon SMS arrival? I just wanted to let you know custom notifications from phone numbers are working great...maybe this is a new challenge or consideration or maybe I'm just out of luck and will have to deal with the odd request... :) Great job on what you have put together and keeping it free!

  8. Andy: I'm thinking about adding a home screen widget where you can initiate a new message, will see if I have the time to add this.

    christopher: what kind of alerts will you be missing if you disable system alerts? unfortunately the Android SDK doesn't currently allow one app to control another apps notifications so there is no way for sms popup to clear out the system apps notification icon.

    MikeV: I don't have a Samsung Moment to test with unfortunately. How do you receive a SMS message from an email? I thought it would always have to come from a phone number. If i can test this myself I can add this (but as you noted, it currently only matches against phone number).

  9. As a sprint customer, I can send an email to, and it will arrive as an sms from an email address. It should work the same on a hero, and I think I did something similar on AT&T as well, since I have used my phones in the past (Treo's and such) for pagers through sms texting. So I don't think it would be a phone limitation.

  10. MikeV: normally the email->SMS gateways end up coming from some weird number (like 10000), so I wouldn't be able to match this up to your contact. For email->MMS gateways (where the message comes in as a MMS) there might be issues. Can you confirm which it is? (MMS messages inside SMS Popup have a "View" button in the center of the popup).

  11. Adam,
    I haven't changed the buttons except for quick reply to the right button, so on the SMS Popup I get Close/Delete/Reply. I tried to send a picture message of my popup from my wife's sprint phone to my phone, and it came through as MMS, with a View MMS button in the middle. That said, it sounds like even though I am sending the messages through a mail server, they are still arriving in my messages as SMS with the from field matching the mail client I have sent it from. For an additional test, I sent an email to my phone from our work online tool, which messaging resolved to the name field I gave the email address as a contact. I sent another email from my notes email address at work, which came through as SMS from:, and then I sent another email from, and they all arrived, popped up with the default box and tone, as SMS messages. No View MMS button from any of those emails. Thanks again for your attention to this and quick responses!

  12. MikeV,

    Ok so sounds like its definitely coming in as a SMS, I tried on my AT&T service using the email->sms gateway and it always comes in from some random number (some 406 number in AT&T's case). Is this not the case for you? I'm just still struggling to understand how an SMS can come "from" an email address (as I was under the impress even the email->sms gateways would convert to regular phone SMS and send).


  13. I sent an email to a friends AT&T phone,, and that arrived as my email address on his iphone. Could it be a regional thing?? So the short answer is no, that's not how I see them coming through.

  14. MikeV: can you try and take a screenshot or photo when you receive a message like this and send it to me? The body of the text message normally includes the users email address when using these gateways but the actual "from" number is still a special carrier gateway. If you want to discuss more, email me at "adam at everythingandroid dot net"

  15. I can't get this to work with Google voice SMS.
    does it support that?

  16. @Daniel: some GV integration is there - eg. if you click reply in the popup it can compose the new SMS via GV (you will need to go to Additional Settings -> Button Config -> and change a button to "Reply (to phone number)"). I'm hopefully going to get better GV integration in a future version though.