Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SMS Popup v1.0.2 (and v1.0.3 and v1.0.4) with better support for Droid

Here's another quick bug fix release which also adds some support for Android 2.0 (Eclair) and therefore the newly released Droid phone (wish I had one to play with!).  The contacts framework in Eclair received a major overhaul so that it can support information from multiple sources (Gmail, Exchange, Facebook, etc.) - this is great, but it does make any app that accesses contacts slightly tricker.  For now I just put in some quick fixes so that the basics work but some additional work will need to be done to ensure 100% compatibility.

Given a lot of people were having trouble working out how to turn Quick Reply on and off, I also added a new option under Additional Settings to easily toggle this feature.

This release also adds translation strings for Czech, thanks goes out to Tomáš ( for helping out here!

SMS Popup icon
SMS Popup v1.0.2, v1.0.3, v1.0.4

  • Initial support for Android 2.0 (Eclair)
  • Bug fixes as usual
  • Added option for easier toggle of Quick Reply function (look under Additional Settings)
  • Update: TTS was broken in v1.0.2 so v1.0.3 has been released to fix it
  • Update: Yet *another* update, sorry about all these updates.  This fixes up lag when using Quick Reply on Droid and also adds better ability to handle messages received from email->sms gateways.


  1. Hi, i love your app but i must notice a problem on Hero. I check the option to mark as read the messages when i click on exit, but the message is always not read, the counter visible on message icon, and the status bar notice a new message... Is it something wrong in my setting, or is a bug?

    Second question: Can i help you translating the app in Italian language?


  2. Savior:
    Please check:

    About the it translation, I see there is a string.xml at /res/values-it. It might not be complete. Please, create a new issue at and I will help you out!

    Thanks for your time.

  3. Savior:
    You need to make sure notifications are turned off in your system messaging app and are turned on in SMS Popup - this allows SMS Popup to clear the notification icon in the tray correctly. Unfortunately the desktop icon with the counter on it can not be updated by 3rd party applications at this time (known issue for Hero and other phones running HTC's custom Sense UI). The FAQ covers these issues:

  4. Adam,
    I downloaded your program mainly for the voice to text feature, but it seems that the feature is only availbale if I reply to the text rightaway. If I close the text, then I can not voice to text my SMS. Is there a way to voice to text in another way? By the way my phone is the new Verizon Droid.

  5. Hi Reza,

    You are correct, at this point SMS Popup is only useful for reacting to incoming messages. I'm getting requests for a home screen widget where you could initialize sending messages but I haven't quite had time to build that yet (maybe in the future).


  6. I love the new custom notifications that are included. One question. I get SMS messages from an email account from work all the time. I set up custom SMS notifications sounds from that email address in the program. It tests fine, but when I get the actual SMS, it only plays my default sound. Is it something I am doing wrong or does the program not support custom SMS tones from email?

  7. Since the 2 previous versions, when pressing reply to a text, I don't get the contents of the message that I am trying to reply to, just a blank screen as if it was a new text I was sending.

    If i go to Inbox and reply that way the message shows up.

    Not sure if this has been brought up before (i don't think it has) but it's an annoyance in the past 2 builds!

    I'm using a Motorola DEXT/Cliq.

    Keep up the work!

  8. Shawn: I'm still working on improving how sms's coming from email->sms gateways works. The latest update (v1.0.4) should hopefully help a bit. But there might be still bugs, try it out and let me know how it goes.

    Martyn: I changed the way the Reply works to be the "correct" way, unfortunately a few phones (Cliq, Hero and Tattoo) do not handle the "correct" case properly. I'm looking into adding an option to switch this, or perhaps switch it only for certain phones - not quite sure yet but it will be fixed in the next few releases.

  9. Hi, I notice when I press the delete button on the Hero version, the original message in the native SMS client is not deleted. In fact, it's still unread.

  10. Installed this earlier today and now my Android (HTC Magic running 1.6 Donut from Vodafone New Zealand) is stuck in an endless reboot cycle. I can't be sure if it was SMS Popup, Swift Twitter client or the new AndAppStore client I also installed today.

    The phone seems to reboot immediately after I see a "missed call from..." notification show up in the system notification area.

    Anyone seen this behaviour before?

  11. Having removed the SMS Popup application (plus all the apps I installed recently) from a recovery boot and still having the endless reboots, I don't think SMS Popup is the cause of my issues. Talk about frustrating tho :(

  12. Thanks for the quick reply Adam, look forward to the fix when you manage it!

  13. augustusloi: this happens if for some reason SMS Popup can't locate the incoming message in the system db, can you always reproduce this? if so then file a bug at the Google code site (

    talios: this happened to me once as well, and yes it sucks! its not an sms popup problem AFAIK, its a bug in Android that has now been fixed but will only be in future versions of the OS (ie. Eclair)

  14. I second the desire to be able to create a new text message or reply after I have closed the window with TTS. Your TTS rocks!

  15. KidSquad: You mean speech transcription right (not text-to-speech)? :) Yes it does rock, but I can't take credit for it - its part of the Android OS and any app can easily take advantage of it.

  16. Adam:
    I love the app. I was surprised Android didnt come with it on board.
    I would like a button to be added to "mark as read".
    Also, it makes logical sense that if someone replies to a message then is should no longer linger in the inbox as "unread".

  17. bmccall17: there is an option in the settings to mark messages as "read" when you hit the close button. to avoid marking the message as read just hit the hard "back" key when the popup shows. for the 2nd part of your comment, if you're referring to the fact the icon doesn't clear from the notification tray, see here:'t_seem_to_go_away_when_I_use_Qu