Sunday, January 24, 2010

SMS Popup v1.0.7 (and v1.0.6) in Android Market now

Head on over to Android Market to grab v1.0.7 of SMS Popup. I haven't had a lot of spare time recently to work on the app (which is also why I forgot to write a blog post for v1.0.6) so I've mostly been working on tweaks and bug fixes. Assuming I have a bit more spare time in the coming weeks/months, expect to see some larger features in the next release.

SMS Popup icon
SMS Popup v1.0.7 (and v1.0.6)

  • Soft keyboard shows automatically now when using quick reply
  • New option to leave screen off when a new message comes in
  • Several bug fixes: fixed issue with phone not always waking up, fixed issue with notification icon contact name not showing correctly
  • Several other app tweaks (including new higher res app icon for higher res phones like Droid and Nexus One!