Monday, February 22, 2010

SMS Popup v1.0.8 released

Head on over to Android Market to grab v1.0.8 of SMS Popup. This release has a few new minor features, better MMS support, some bug fixes and refreshed translation strings. Assuming this release is stable, we're going to start working on some bigger features for the next release. Speaking of which, I'd like to introduce Macarse - he has been helping me get SMS Popup setup on Launchpad Translations to better handle the various translated strings and going forward will be helping to build new features and fix bugs within the SMS Popup code itself (thanks for all your help up till now and hope we can continue to improve the app together!).

Speaking of the new translation setup - if you would like to contribute translated strings to SMS Popup, it's now super easy, see our Translation Wiki entry for how to get going.

SMS Popup icon
SMS Popup v1.0.8

  • New Quick Contact support for Android 2.0+ devices (see screenshot below), just tap the contact photo or info icon to activate
  • Updated translations strings sync'd down from Launchpad (contribute translations to SMS Popup)
  • Better handling of MMS, still might not be perfect but give it a go and file an issue if you see any problems
  • Better handling of docked mode (phones like Droid and Nexus One have cradles or docks), instead of showing a popup the system notification will be used to prevent the phone not staying in screensaver mode
  • Bug fix: custom notifications for SMS received from email gateways should be functional again
New Quick Contact feature in action (Android 2.0+ only):
SMS Popup with Quick Contact