Monday, February 22, 2010

SMS Popup v1.0.8 released

Head on over to Android Market to grab v1.0.8 of SMS Popup. This release has a few new minor features, better MMS support, some bug fixes and refreshed translation strings. Assuming this release is stable, we're going to start working on some bigger features for the next release. Speaking of which, I'd like to introduce Macarse - he has been helping me get SMS Popup setup on Launchpad Translations to better handle the various translated strings and going forward will be helping to build new features and fix bugs within the SMS Popup code itself (thanks for all your help up till now and hope we can continue to improve the app together!).

Speaking of the new translation setup - if you would like to contribute translated strings to SMS Popup, it's now super easy, see our Translation Wiki entry for how to get going.

SMS Popup icon
SMS Popup v1.0.8

  • New Quick Contact support for Android 2.0+ devices (see screenshot below), just tap the contact photo or info icon to activate
  • Updated translations strings sync'd down from Launchpad (contribute translations to SMS Popup)
  • Better handling of MMS, still might not be perfect but give it a go and file an issue if you see any problems
  • Better handling of docked mode (phones like Droid and Nexus One have cradles or docks), instead of showing a popup the system notification will be used to prevent the phone not staying in screensaver mode
  • Bug fix: custom notifications for SMS received from email gateways should be functional again
New Quick Contact feature in action (Android 2.0+ only):
SMS Popup with Quick Contact


  1. Great Adam!
    Congrats for the new release and I hope we can add some new features for the new one :D

  2. This app is great! Perfect for me, and all the improvements and added features are bonuses.

    The only thing I still want is the Eclair icon for 1.6. :)

  3. Any way to get it to vibrate. when the phone is on silent?

  4. Nevermind found out it was a native option lol

  5. Crashes the market on the Droid...and occasionally the phone too. Never once happened prior to updating to this version. Now the popups aren't coming up all the time too.

  6. On openeclair the notification icon is still the 1.5 firmware icon...any chance to choose the icon in future??

  7. I'm using a Moto Milestone.When i change my locale US to Turkey SMSPopup crashes.My favorite android program:))Thanks for your effort

  8. @Angel: this is still on the todo list, basically right now if you have a high-res screen (like droid/nexus one) it will use the new icon, otherwise it falls back to the old one.

    @Kahil: if you can reproduce please file a bug on the code site -

    Also, if you can install this and send the logs to me when it crashes that would be helpful:

    @Niko: yes its on the todo list still, see my response to Angel above.

    @YLMZ: oh thanks for letting us know, if you could file a bug that would be helpful:

  9. It happens randomly, but never crashed before updating. Also, the pop-up doesn't always come up, usually when on home screen.

  10. Hello
    this app is awesome, but how do you get the LED to work on the Nexus One, or is it not supported?

  11. Hello!
    SMS Popup is really a useful app for me. Thank you so much.

    Here is a bug report from Motorola XT800, which is the first dual mode Android cell phone. We can put two sim cards in XT800,one is GSM,and the other is CDMA2000.

    I have installed SMS Popup in my XT800. If I only insert one sim card,whether it is GSM or CDMA, the SMS Popup runs perfectly. But if I insert both of the two sim cards into XT800, SMS Popup fails to start up.

    My phone's firmware version is 2.0.1.

    Waiting for the next SMS Popup version.

    Thank you!

  12. Sorry!

    The application SMS Popup (process net.everythingandroid.smspopup)has stopped unexpectedly.Please try again.

  13. I have the Nexus One and have the box checked for Mark Read when clicking "close," but after I hit close the notification on the top bar is still there saying I still have the unread message.

  14. @adam k you know what would be the best feature?

    My phone starts doing things i don't want it to do, like calling people and texting people from my pocket when the SMS popup comes up. Is there anyway to Disable everything on the screen until you slide a mini slider or something on the app. Then the buttons become available?

  15. @Kahil: I really need your system logs after a crash to be able to fix this (or did you already send these over?)

    @Sahil: LED config doesn't currently work with Nexus One and is something that needs to be fixed by the Nexus One firmware (I hear rumors this might be fixed in the next N1 OS update, code named FroYo)

    @Harvey: Wow cool, Android phone with GSM and CDMA. Can you install this log app and email me your logs after SMS Popup crashes?

    @newdeepdan: Are you still using system notifications? See here:'t_seem_to_go_away_when_I_delete

    @Jeffrey: I agree, this is something I've been meaning to implement. Basically disable all buttons till the keyguard is unlocked. Will try and get to it in a future release.

  16. Doesnt show up half the time, especially when on the home screen.

  17. You should add the ability to compose a new message though holding the search button for a longer time =)

  18. I love your app, but i realized that it does not make my phone vibrate anymore, kinda annoying, I am using a HTC Magic running 1.6, vibration is fine for everything else.


  19. Still isn't working half the time. When you are on your home screen, nothing pops up. Still pops up when you are typing sometimes...even when you have it set to restricted...

  20. Swedish translation ready!
    When will there be a new version?:)

  21. The pop-up hardly comes up anymore. Used to be q great apparently but I'm finding it hard to justify keeping if it isn't going to work. On Droid 2.1 now. Doesn't pop-up when at home screen. Doesn't pop-up when in other apps. Only seems to when locked and you unlock the phone. I have it set to restricted mode so it wont pop-up when messaging. Its like it thinks the keyboard is always open.

  22. Hi Adam,

    Can I just point out that I really love your app, but for some weird reason even when checking mark messages as read, on the messages shortcut on the homescreen there is still a number showing the number of unread messages by android... it's weird but the only way to make that go away is to press reply and then cancel... Think that this can be fixed in the next release? Thanks!

  23. Hey, can you add the option of choosing which icon you want to appear in the notification bar when you get a new text? For example, instead of the gray one on the Droid, invert the colors to make it white.. or just add the option of being able to choose whatever icons you provide. Thanks, and great app.

  24. Thank you for the nice app. Adam!

    I juse it on my Samsung Galaxy Spica. Have just sent you an e-mail. Can you include a "forward" button on the popup screen? And will it be translated to norwegian someday?

    < Harald >

  25. @Kahil: please file an issue if you haven't already -

    @Mattias: this is something we're looking at, probably in the form of a widget that allows you to quickly compose messages

    @Ludovic: see if this helps at all -

    @Mini: great, thanks (I gather you submitted the translation over at launchpad). i've been really busy recently but should hopefuly have a new version out in the next month or so.

    @Eric: this is a known issue with phones running HTC Sense UI, unfortunately there isn't a way around this right now :( See here -

    @Nick: this has been requested several times, it's on the to-do list, just haven't found the time quite yet

    @Harald: a forward button is possible, please file a feature request here -

    if you would like to contribute a norwegian translation please see here -

  26. Hi. Love the app. Using it on a Nexus One. As i have a google voice account, i am trying to use GV as my sole means of sending/receiving SMS. Is it possible to have SMS popup handle notifications for the official google voice app ? Especially now that Google Voice app has instant notifications. I would love to get a popup when i get a GV message. I don't want to have to forward SMS to my phone just to get the message into the native messaging app, just so i can get the popup. If this isn't feasible, i will deal :D Thanks!

  27. Hello. Congratulations for this good software which i was looking for. I like it very much for its being personalized, even for the single contacts. It's just a pity that in my acer liquid the notifications led remains turned on also after reading the messages. Do you think this bug can be solved? Thank you by the way. Regards.

  28. Hi Adam,

    The link to Popup SMS in is broken.... :-(

  29. @Seth: At this time SMS Popup can't intercept messages from GV, the best you can do is tell GV to send you regular SMS's which SMS Popup can intercept as normal. You can tell SMS Popup to "reply" using GV though, just change your button assignments to "Reply (to phone number)".

    @Pierluigi: I have never tested on an Acer Liquid. Have you turned off system messaging notifications? You can file an issue here with more detail, but unfortunately if it's something hardware specific (like Acer themselves turning the led on/off at a lower level) then there isn't much I can do:

    @1: can you try now? i went to and re-published the app.

  30. Hi again!
    How´s the new version coming along?:)

  31. I like the app, but there hasn't been an update in quite some time. The popups were irregular as to when I would see one before, but ever since the Droid got the 2.1 update, I hardly see a popup. I only see it after unlocking the phone now. The only reason I still even use the app is for the contact specific notifications. If you need some help, email me. I have been working with someone at google to design and develope apps.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Hi again!
    I have now finished translation to norwegian. :) Just waiting for a new version now, with an forward button.. ;)

  34. Hi There, Great App!

    Thanks From Portugal...

    Ansious for the next version with Translations, i’ve helped in the translation, is there anything we can help so you can launch de new version?

    Thanks xD

  35. @Mini: Sorry for lack of updates, I'm going to write a blog post with updates soon and will hopefully be able to spend some time on updates for the app shortly after.

    @Kahil: The app should still work fine on Android 2.1 (and even 2.2). I hope to make some updates to the app in the coming month or so.

    @Harald and @TheIdiot: Thank you for helping with the translations. We will work on getting a new version out soon (even if it's just for the new translations).

  36. The app no longer works! It hasn't for a long time. If it is set to restictive mode, it only ever pops up when you have a new message AND you have to unlock the screen. Then you will have a popup waiting. Popups still come up if not inrestrictive mode, but who wants a popup constantly popping up while you are typing. The only saving grace is the contact specific notifications.

    Sorry, but this app doesn't work anymore on the moto droid 2.1. Finding it difficult to justify keeping.

  37. Thanks for the great app!! I'm using a HTC Legend running 2.1

    I noticed something though, again it's about the "delete" function. The notification does not go away even after I disable all other notifications. I'm using the native Android sms function.

    The issue I'm facing is that sometimes the button works, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't work, after I tap the "delete" button, the notification will go away for 1/2 a second then re-appear again. What is even more strange is that when I go into my messaging app, another SMS appeared. It's a empty sms addressed to the sender who's sms I tried to delete. Have any of you guys experienced this before??

  38. @Kahil, the best I can offer is if you file bugs and we will try and look at them. The app does still work for the vast majority of people so it has to be an issue either with the combination of apps you use or something specific to your phone.

    @TU, a couple of other people have told me about a similar issue. The way the app works is it tries to delete the message but errs on the side of not deleting it in case there is a problem accessing the system sms database. In the case the icon reappears its likely because there was a problem deleting the message (perhaps due to a conflicting app or something else making changes to the system sms database). If you can, please file an issue with as much information as possible (phone model, OS version etc.) so we can track the problem:

  39. One thing I've noticed on my MT3G is that the message isn't marked as read after replying, deleting or closing. This setting *is* turned on.

  40. @M, make sure you disable the system messaging app notifications (and use the notifications from sms popup), see here:

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