Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Updates for SMS Popup and Countdown Alarm ... hopefully coming soon

Sorry for the lack of updates to my two main Android apps - SMS Popup and Countdown Alarm - as of late. I just haven't had any spare time to work on them :| But fear not, the projects are still alive and I'm hoping to have some time in the next month or so to start working on them again.

A number of people have contributed translations to SMS Popup as well and I know they are patiently waiting for a new Market release that includes the updated strings.

In the meantime, remember that both apps are open source so feel free to browse the source over at the Google code site (and let me know if you would like to contribute to the apps):


  1. If you manage to work out a system that shows multiple text messages as flippable pages (perhaps the way HTC Sense handles it, swiping down to see the next message) and have an option to mark as read (an option to Not Mark As Read is simple, the close button already does that) would make this perfect to the extent that I would donate.

  2. @LiquidSolstive, yes we're working on showing multiple messages in the popup with next/previous buttons and hopefully a swipe left/right gesture. there is already an option to "mark as read" although there are issues with updating the home screen icon on HTC Sense (this is a Sense UI problem unfortunately). If you do enable the "mark as read" option, you can use the hard "back" key to close the popup without marking as read.

  3. I actually can't wait for the next update because I love this app so much. So when can we expect an update to SMS popup? I just want a few features, such as, mark as read be fixed because it never mark my messages as read. Other than that I love the app.

  4. My requests would be to have the following:

    ability to flip between multiple messages in the popup when more than one are received, or at least move onto the next received message once the first has been answered in the popup.

    a quick compose option instigated by holding either the camera, search or (for Galaxy S) menu button

    integrated message count icon widget which opens default messaging app, or alternatively a means of fixing the unread sms glitch with the default messaging icon when using popup sms apps.

    'use any audio track as notification ' option which integrates within the whole android system and allows you to freely pick and choose sms and other notifications from audio stored on the sd card. To understand how this feature works check out Handcent.

    I really like the look of SMS Popup and prefer it to Handcent in many ways but AT THE MOMENT Handcent offers slightly better features. I would rather use the default SMS with SMSPopup though so I will keep my eyes peeled for a new release!

  5. When you do the update can you fix it when you restart your phone it resends the text messages problem.


  6. +1 to Dr.Cukies. I have verified that this is caused by SMS Popup. When using quick reply, my Droid X shows the sent message with the green arrows displayed indefinitely. If I hit "Reply" instead, the message is marked as sent. For now, I have to switch to Handcent. I like SMS Popup, but I can't keep resending the last few texts I sent ever time I restart my phone. I don't know if this helps any, but I checked to see if it was a cache problem... under Manage Applications, SMS Popup shows 0.00B for cache.

  7. For some reason or another SMS popup stopped flashing my led on my moto Droid. I had tried to set a custom color and now it will not flash at all. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail.

  8. @Patrick, it's hard to say when the next release will be. whenever i get a spare hour or two i spend some time on it, but progress is slow for now as i'm really busy with other things. the "mark as read" features should really work on almost all phones. phones running HTC Sense may not update the desktop icon correctly (see the FAQ for info on this), but otherwise just make sure you disable the system messaging notifications and enable the sms popup ones, see here http://goo.gl/yzzg

    @misterleoni, the multiple message flip is something i'm working on, so stay tuned. the quick compose would be really cool, something i want to do eventually. the message count widget/icon would be useful, there are other market apps that do this for now. for "use any audio track" is possible using an app like "rings extended", see http://goo.gl/AXZ1

    @Dr.Cukies, this seems to only be an issue with the Droid X and possible other motorola phones. I'm still trying to find a fix.

    @Lee, yes it's definitely an issue with quick reply (regular reply just takes you to the system messaging app). i just need a droid X to test on, once i find one i can borrow i should be able to pinpoint.

    @Douglas, sorry, i don't have a droid to test this with. it could be another app trying to set the led color and conflicting with sms popup but otherwise i'm out of ideas.

  9. Extremely nice app! Only one bad thing: The LED blink rate can't be adjusted on my Nexus One Froyo. The blink is really slow-slow-slow, so that I have to watch the LED for 5 secs. to know whether there's a new message or not. (Gmail notify manages to blink the LED fast, so it's not a hardware fault.)

  10. This app needs a major overhaul. Has it been abandoned? The few bugs that showed up with the 2.1 rollout were ok to look past, but now with 2.2 its even worse. Popup still shows up when it shouldn't or not at all...even in restricted mode. LED notifications no longer work. And I'm sure there are more issues. Please fix soon.

  11. voluz: unfortunately the control of the LED is up to the hardware, in the case of the Nexus, it seems they didn't enable the blink rate adjustment :(

    Kahil: the app has not been abandoned, you can see current updates to the code here:

    The bulk of people are still using SMS Popup without issue, there are some known issues with Droid X and the HTC Evo that I am working on, you can follow the progress of these on the issues tracker on the google code site.

  12. Do a search in the Market for CadPage. Someone stole your app...

  13. Kahil: thanks for letting me know, SMS Popup is open source and anyone is free to use the source as long as they re-publish their changes (which some developers have not), but in this case the cadpage dev has:

    Looks like they are adding some different features in their version.

  14. Hi Adam K: Countdown Alarm is no longer appearing on Android Market. Is it still available?

  15. @George: I took it down off Market as it was growing out of date and I didn't have time to maintain it. You can still download the most recent version manually from the Google code site: