Thursday, August 19, 2010

Want to contribute to the SMS Popup project? Here's how.

1.  Translations

SMS Popup has now been translated into 18 languages via various contributions from around the world.  If you find missing or incorrect translations in SMS Popup, or would like to translate the app to a new language, check out the wiki page on how to get going using a collaboration platform called Launchpad.

I would love to see translations for some more Asian languages (especially Korean and Japanese!).

Here is the current list of languages:  Catalan, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish

2.  Icons & Graphics

Version 1.0.9 of SMS Popup adds support for choosing your own notification icon.  If you're a graphics guru and would like to contribute some cool icons for the next release, drop me an email or attach the icons over at our Google Code site.  What we need are a 25x25 pixel and 38x38 pixel version of the icon(s) in png format.

In addition, I'm hoping to add some custom backgrounds for the popup window in a future release.  Android uses something called a 9-patch png file to correctly scale to the background of views.  It would be much appreciated if anyone out there is able to contribute some nice looking backgrounds to use.

3.  Bug Reports

Finally, if you spot any problems with SMS Popup, either email me or file a bug over at our issue tracker.  However, please try and include as much information as possible in the report - this will make troubleshooting the problem a lot easier (things like phone model, carrier, OS version and how to reproduce the problem are really useful).

If you're on a device with Android 2.2 (Froyo), another great way to provide feedback is to use the built in Android "Report" button that appears on the "Force Close" dialog.  Simply click "Report", type in some information about what went wrong and click "Send".


  1. This is a great little app. Any thoughts on making this for GoogleTalk messaging. It is greatly needed.


  2. Awesome app! just what i was looking for.
    And yr apps are really handsome i wish all android apps where like yrs, 'cause this is the only bad thing about the android (awful apps design comparing to the appStore ones).
    Totally donating for it.

    ps: i wish u could take some time to make a Call Popup app, with the same design just to show a thumbnail and the phone number of a missed call and that'd be totally awesome!