Saturday, April 14, 2012

SMS Popup v1.2.0 released, now with 100% more Ice Cream Sandwich goodness

After almost 1.5 years without a release, SMS Popup v1.2.0 is now out on the Google Play Store. Apologies for the lengthy delay between releases, my personal life has been just a tad busy and a major re-write of the app was required to support many new features. So what's new? See below, but behind the scenes I gutted the code and re-wrote much of it to take advantage of the more modern Android OS version APIs. This includes a nice new Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Holo theme for the latest devices plus some patterns taken from the Android Design site (like swipe gestures to navigate multiple unread messages!).

I also created a Google+ Page for SMS Popup, so head on over and leave any feedback or comments.

Update (2012-04-19): The initial launch of SMS Popup 1.2.0 had some bugs which I hadn't noticed in my testing. I have now pushed an update (v1.2.1) to the Play Store to address some of these:
  • Custom contact notifications should now work correctly
  • The popup size can now be variable (smaller for short messages, larger for longer messages)
  • Fixed: in some specific cases, messages weren't being marked as read when hitting "close"
  • Fixed: several bugs which were causing crashes
  • Fixed: duplicate messages in popup window in certain cases
Update (2012-05-05): A few other bugs were identified that were affecting a smaller number of users. Today I pushed v1.2.4 to the Play Store to address these additional issues:
  • Fix quick reply failing to send on Samsung devices
  • Fix popup showing in messaging app on Samsung devices
  • Make popup size more dynamic (size changes from 1 line of text up to 6 now)
  • Fix popup time stamp issues on some US CDMA carrier devices (Verizon/Sprint)
  • Fix rogue messages appearing from "(unknown)"
  • Add timeout around acquiring Android partial wakelock to make sure device goes back to sleep
  • Add back "Subject" line to MMS messages
  • Fix missed first notification when popup is disabled

SMS Popup v1.2.0

  • Brand new Holo theme for ICS devices
  • Browse multiple unread messages in popup by swiping left/right
  • Full re-write of much of the app to take advantage of newer Android. Minimum Android version for this release is API Level 7 (Android 2.1 Eclair), the old version of SMS Popup will stay in the Play Store for older devices
  • New option to show an unlock button when screen locked to prevent accidental button presses
  • Update to language translations